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Meet the heart of our specialised psychology and wellbeing support team, committed to empowering individuals on their journey towards mental wellness and fulfillment.

  • Clinical Psychologistperson
    Billi Fasano (she/her)

    Billi is a Clinical Psychologist and our Director of Nurtured Minds and Futures. Billi has 20 years of training and experience working in psychology, providing mental health care to adults and young people in many types of settings.

    Her direct experiences with young neurodiverse people and their families inspired the development of Nurtured Minds and Futures. Billi is neurodivergent and feels super lucky that she gets to engage in her SpIns at work every day. She particularly loves supporting young people to stride out into the world with confidence and helping adults make sense of their long-term mental health issues.

    On weekends, she is happy to retreat to her home bush haven and spend time with family (2 doggies included).

  • Practice Managerperson
    Julie Buha (she/her)

    Julie is our Practice Manager and will be the first person you have contact with. Julie has 30+ years of training and experience and enjoys developing relationships with families to ensure a harmonious and informed experience of our clinic.

    She is particularly proud of how the team at Nurtured Minds and Futures creates an environment where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. When not at work, Julie likes to make time for family and her dog Bailey. Cooking/baking is her happy place.

    She is always on the lookout for quality High Tea to share with her closest friends and can’t wait for her next trip to France or Italy.

  • Employment Coachperson
    Nick Pettigrove (he/him)

    Nick is our Employment Coach. He has 20 years of experience in business including 14 years at a management level. Nick feels strongly that there is a job out there for every person and that every person can make a valuable contribution to community.

    Nick has managed many neurodivergent adults and young people in the workplace and describes them as some of the best workers you can get. He is passionate about the sharing benefits of employing autistic individuals to other employers as well as helping autistic people find a job they love.

    Nick is neurodivergent and when not at work, you will find Nick playing golf, fixing machines, planning his latest home improvement project or hanging out with his kids.

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